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Mathew 5:13 - Describes the savor of salt. It compares those who are in Christ to salt. Not only does salt season, but it preserves. I am drawn to this scripture because of our tendency to conform the life's status quo. We should be working in the same creativity and innovation that God exemplifies. In the beginning, God created what was in his mind to create. By God's own imagination, He created everything. However, as people created in God's image, we tend to produce what's already been created. As a result, what we produce is often bland and ineffective because it's been heard and seen before. Let God's creative power work in you to create something new.

Tap into the creative power that is in you. I'm determined to be who God has created me to be, more now than ever. Conforming to please people has a cost. But walking in your divine design to please God has a reward! Dare to have God take note of your ingenuity! He'll take note of it and cause ears and eyes to be opened to what you've created. Also know that critisism has a way of killing out of you what God loves about you;Your individuality! If you let your inventiveness live, you'll find that it will reach others more than accommodating criticism.